The Colors of Spring in Germany

A mallard duck and colorful historic home.

I been in Germany for almost a whole week. A whole new world and a whole new culture all within 24 hours from my doorstep to the other. It is beautifully warm here. Temperatures are up to 70 degrees, spring flowers burst with color, and the sunshine has tickled my face every day. I feel at home although so far away.

With Easter around the corner, one can find decorated trees around every corner. The festive colors of the painted eggs remind me of the excitement I had as a small girl. Even decorative flower bouquets are found in every home, in spirit of Easter Sunday.

Today we walked the streets of Lindau, a beautiful old town right on the shores of Lake Constance. Flowers in every corner caught my eye. Bright poppies, tulips, daffodils, and magnolias danced in the Northern breeze.

We visited an art Museum filled with Chagall. His imaginative interpretation of life and love could only inspire.
Paintings by Chagall.
As art is around you in every shape and form, in Cathedrals, in old buildings, and sculptures, so is food. However, food is enjoyed slowly and thoroughly. We ate and drank, walked, and ate and drank some more. German gem├╝tlichkeit, a state of mind that conduces cheerfulness and peace of mind, was present throughout the day. An oat grout latke cake served with a farmers salad only stimulated the appetite more for the beautiful desserts we shared over cappuccinos. As we sat saxophone notes danced through the air playing Beatles tunes by a duet of street performers. It was beautiful. 
My family.

Soon I will post recipes. I have found many inspirations, yet have not had the chance to create.


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