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Dairy or No Dairy??

To eat dairy or not eat dairy?? That is a common question from many of my patients. Well it depends…..

If you are struggling with GI issues or have been struggling to feel your ultimate best, then dairy might be something to look at a little closer. Besides being obviously lactose intolerant there are some other things to consider that could be contributing to your symptoms. 
Is the dairy product from an A1 or A2 cow? A1 is a type of casein protein found only in milk from Holstein cows, which happens to be the most predominant type in the USA and other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. For some individuals, this protein is pro-inflammatory and can stimulate your immune system to release pro-inflammatory chemical messengers. A recent double blind randomized cross over trial found that A1 casein was associated with increased gastrointestinal inflammation, reducing intestinal transit time (more prone to diarrhea), and impaired brain function, specifically cognitive speed an…

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