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Blueberry Flax Pancakes!

Happy Fall dear friends!
I am over the moon excited about the cooler temps and rainy days....a true Pacific Northwesterner at heart, huh? The fall is probably my favorite season. The turning of the trees, that golden yellow light, the most epic of trail runs, cozy fog, foraging for mushrooms, and super clean fresh air with smells of moss and ferns. Fall simply helps me slow down....and I love it! 
With that I want to share the ultimate Sunday Pancakes. They don't require a bunch of different gluten free flours, or binders. They are easy. They are simple. And they are awesome for your belly and your health! Not only are they a low carbohydrate alternative to the typical white flour pancake, but they are also rich in fiber and resistant starch that help support good gut health. The green banana flour adds resistant starch which feeds good gut bacteria, especially bifido bacteria, and helps reduce blood sugar. The flaxseeds are rich in soluble fiber which is very soothing to the GI t…

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