Guest Blog Post + Mint Chocolate Energy Bites

Happy summer solstice-the longest day of the year! Seattle couldn't get any better than this. The weather is sunny and warm, and I get to hang out with my favorite adventure buddy. We enjoyed a wonderful hike to Bandera Mountain, an eight mile hike with 3400 ft of elevation gain. The view was wonderful and Mt. Rainier was in its full glory. We enjoyed a quick snack, and then ran all the way down, bounding from one rock to the next like weathered mountain goats. Luckily we started early and beat the main weekend warrior crowd that emerged on the trail right as we finished. After that, the day was already a success. With the windows rolled down, sunglasses on, and music in the air, we were high on life. Nothing beats a good fast hike in the Alpine Wilderness.

With that being said, I have a delicious guest post awaiting you at A Daily Dose of Fit. Mint Chocolate Energy Bites, that are vegan and gluten free, are the perfect snack to take hiking, biking, running, kayaking, or whatever your summer activity may be. These little treats, are darn good! Trust me, you need to make them. If you have the ingredients on hand, they are whirled together in no time. Slip a couple into a ziplock bag and your ready to go on your next adventure. Tag your summer adventure on instagram with these delicious Mint Chocolate Energy Bites or these Spiced Coconut and Almond Energy Bars . I would love to see all your exciting adventures!

I hope you enjoy the summer solstice outside somewhere, with a buddy or two, or three, and get out and enjoy the sunshine! And if you have time, make some mint chocolate energy bites to take you on your next adventure. And on that note, here is my favorite song to listen to after I returned to my car after a long, exhilarating adventure.....

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