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Winter Radicchio & Kale Salad

I love bitter winter greens! In Europe, radicchio or chicory salad is very common, but not so much here in the states. Many people are not used to the bitter flavor of radicchio, but trust me it’s time to start! Using other strong flavors like capers, lemon zest, and pecorino cheese you can balance the bitter notes of the radicchio. Bitter greens are great at stimulating healthy digestion and support liver function. Interestingly, radicchio has been found to have strong anti-parasitic effects as well. In the winter months, sometimes salads just don't sound appealing. You want warm, cozy, comfort food. However, this hearty winter greens salad is the perfect accompaniment to a hearty stew or gooey casserole dish. It's got zest, its got crunch, and just tons of flavor. Don't shy away from what may be new or different. Try some radicchio today! What is a Microplane zester?  The microplaner is a great tool to have in a whole foods kitchen. I use my microplaner

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