Sweet Home Bellingham

I am back with both feet on solid ground. After 20 hours of travel time from my doorstep in Freiburg to my doorstep in Bellingham, I am happily exhausted. Was my time in Germany all a dream?? Did that quarter of a year, really fly by that fast?? My neighborhood still looks the same, the town still looks the same, yet I have come back a little different. My european outfit, looks out of place in this town. What was casual and comfortable in Germany, seems too well dressed for Bellingham standards-tight black pants, with a thin golden belt, a small pink cardigan, leather shoes, and a bright lip stick to match. Double takes and nice bright smiles where greeting me everywhere as my mother and I walked the Boulevard promenade in the evening sun. It has only been four hours since I have been home, and the celebratory "welcome back" beer at good ol' Boundary Bay, is bringing my wired mind, down to the level of my tired body. Lets call it a day, and let these tired muscles and tired eyes rest until tomorrows light. 

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