The Beginning of Something New

Photos courtesy Commerce Street Reality
Sitting on the bus usually lends to daydreaming and the beautiful ability to think of nothing. However, on Tuesday March 13th, my bus ride home took a turn for the better and the more exciting. My phone rang, it was an unknown number. At first, I wanted to ignore the call, lending the caller the chance to leave a message, but at the last minute answered it instead. "Hello?", I said, " this is Selva." It was my admissions advisor from Bastyr University, Emily. She introduced herself and then told me, "I just want to congratulate you on your acceptance into the Masters of Nutrition DPD program. You are an outstanding applicant and we want to personally congratulate you. A letter will be sent to your home shortly."I was stunned, and my heart began beating as if I had just kissed a new crush. I started smiling and laughing. This phone call had been long awaited. Truthfully I had been watching the mailbox like a hawk, expecting a letter in the mail, and hadn't even thought about the chance they would call me. "Thank you," was all I could say. The conversation was brief--short and sweet. I couldn't think of much else to ask or say. The only thing I could think of was I DID IT. My dream of attending Bastyr has finally happened. All the long, hard work paid off. Now, the only thing else I can hope for is funding. Scholarships? Grants? Something that can help me pay off the large amounts of money I will spend attending my dream school.As soon as I hung up the phone with Emily, I began calling those close to me to pass on the great news. I was giggling and smiling like a young school girl in is now time to CELEBRATE.

Photos courtesy CollinsWoerman/Lara Swimmer

My favorite place away from home, to meet for good wine and food, is the Temple Bar. They have one of the best happy hours in town, offering a bottle of wine and a small cheese plate for $18. Not to mention their food is always delicious, and often pairing wonderfully with the wine. My mother was my date. She has always been one of my biggest supporters and cheerleaders--to spend this evening with her only seemed natural. We treated ourselves and celebrated with the chocolate truffle cake for dessert. A rich decadent gooey goodness, that should be saved for special occasions. It was served with a raspberry sauce and topped with whipped good. Food, wine, laughter, and love, filled the three hours spent in our cozy bar.

 Not only did we eat and drink well, but the ideas, dreams, and gossip flowed. One of the inspirations of the night, is the reason why I am writing today. "2012 has a lot in store for me," I said, "perhaps I should write about my adventures in food, life, and nutrition. Would you find that interesting?" My mother smiled, "of course! I would follow your blog every day." I know any mother would express similar words, but I felt inspired. People have always urged me to blog about my recipes and cooking adventures, but not until that moment did I feel an urge to document my life. Excitement brewed within me, I could write about everything. Not just food, but also my travels, ideas, and anything else that I want to share. Writing a blog will be a great way for me to take the information I learn throughout my life, may it be through grad school, through work, or travel, to teach others....what a great opportunity....and voila! Here is the beginning of something new.

PS...I want to thank everyone that has been apart of the winding path that has lead me not only to the doorsteps of Bastyr, but to the discovery of my calling in life. You will always remain dear to me.

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